Mediation Analysis in Causal Inference

Extending effects defined through mediation (e.g., direct effects) to stochastic interventions and intermediate confounders.

Causal Effects of Stochastic Interventions

Estimation and inference for causal effects based on stochastic treatment regimes, under two-phase sampling, in mediation settings, and for variable importance analysis.


The things that keep me from working.

R Packages

Software packages developed to extend the R programming language.

The PhD Years

Assorted notes on graduate school.

Variance Moderation for Locally Efficient Estimators

Extending variance moderation for the stabilization of data-adaptive, efficient semiparametric estimators in high-dimensional biology.

Data-Adaptive Differential Methylation Analysis

Identification of differentially methylated positions and regions using techniques from causal inference and statistical machine learning.

Recent Publications

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The widespread availability of high-dimensional biological sequencing data has made the simultaneous screening of numerous biological …

Mediation analysis in causal inference has traditionally focused on binary treatment regimes and deterministic interventions, as well …

Arsenic exposure is a worldwide health concern associated with an increased risk of skin, lung, and bladder cancer but arsenic trioxide …

adaptest is an R package for performing multiple hypothesis testing in problem settings commonly encountered in high-dimensional …

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Exploratory analysis of high-dimensional biological data has received much attention since the explosion of high-throughput …

Much of the focus of statistical causal inference has been devoted to assessing the effects of static interventions, which specify a …

We consider nonparametrically estimating a parameter of interest under the constraint that a functional of the parameter is bounded. We …

DNA methylation is amongst the best studied of epigenetic mechanisms impacting gene expression. While much attention has been paid to …


current courses

  • Public Health 242C & Statistics 247C: Longitudinal Data Analysis (Fall 2019), as graduate student instructor with Prof. Alan Hubbard

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I am an active member of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, through which I engage in curriculum development, maintenance of lesson materials, and workshop delivery.