This is a list of select recent publications. For a complete list, consult my CV here.

journal articles

In Preparation

Hejazi NS, Kherad-Pajouh S, van der Laan MJ, Hubbard AE (2017). Variance stabilization of targeted estimators of causal parameters in high-dimensional settings. [PDF]

Cai W, Hejazi NS, Hubbard AE (2017). Data-adaptive statistics for multiple hypothesis testing in high-dimensional settings. [PDF]

Hejazi NS, Hubbard AE, van der Laan MJ (2017). Data-adaptive and nonparametric analysis of differential methylation with variable importance measures.

Hejazi NS, Phillips RV, Hubbard AE, van der Laan MJ (2017). methyvim: Targeted and model-free analysis of differential methylation in R.

Cai W, Hubbard AE, Hejazi NS (2017). adaptest: Data-adaptive statistics for high-dimensional multiple hypothesis testing in R.


Coyle JR, Hejazi NS (2017). origami: A generalized framework for cross-validation in R. The Journal of Open Source Software (submitted).

Hejazi NS, Cai W, Hubbard AE (2017). biotmle: Targeted learning for biomarker discovery. The Journal of Open Source Software. [Link]

Hejazi N, Schiffman C, Zhou X (2017). Review of “Statistical analysis of numerical preclinical radiobiological data.” ScienceOpen Research. [Link] | [Source]

dissertations and theses

Hejazi NS (2017). Generalized application of empirical Bayes statistics to asymptotically linear parameters. Master’s thesis, Division of Biostatistics, University of California, Berkeley. [PDF]