“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” In these few words, Francis Bacon very neatly captured the notion that writing is pre-requisite to the formulation of clear, well-ordered thoughts.

In applying this principle here, I aim to pen my thoughts with careful attention paid to the maximization of their clarity and consistency – that is, here, I mean to slow down, organize, and explore my own thinking. The goal ultimately is to combat – or, failing that, at least temporarily escape – the fast-paced and unstructured style of thinking unfortunately encouraged by our modern ease of access to both information and opinions.

Though it emerged rather whimsically, the name of this blog merits some explanation – specifically, the term “almost surely”, from the notion of almost sure convergence, first captured by attention when studying stochastic convergence theory. It now seems a rather fitting title, given that I have chosen to dedicate my writing here to modern ideas from theoretical statistics (in particular, nonparametric statistics, semiparametric theory, and high-dimensional probability), applied statistics (especially biostatistics) and its role in drawing sensible conclusions in science, causal inference, applied machine learning, data science, information theory, and scientific computing – all with an eye towards the role that statistics ought to play in shaping science and policy in our modern world.